Is your software utilization safe?

By using Softsee,
you have total control over all software installations and decrease licensing costs. You track all software licenses, including those rarely used or not used at all. Also, you increase employee productivity by eliminating all business risks.


Not updated software
poses security risks, as well as a permissive licensing policy.

Is your business data at risk?



Auto Update when needed

No user interruptions are necessary in order to update your software.

Decrease licensing expenditure

Pay only for what you are actually using. See exactly how many times your software is used by each of your users.

Lower IT support costs

Decrease the number of incidents by keeping everything updated and in perfect order. Know exactly the software history of a workstation when somebody is calling.

Keep everything updated

Keep all your important software application updated with bug and security fixes in real-time.

Keep everything in order

Know exactly what you have installed in your network and extract all the relevant information for your business.





Prevent business risks

Prevent unaware software installations. Prevent outdated software installation causing security troubles.

Alarm when needed

React immediately when something wrong is happening in your network. Take immediate measures.

Start manage your software today