How does Softsee work for you?

You will immediately forget the old days software complexity, that's for sure. You have just a tiny agent to install on your workstation and nothing more. No servers to install, no network software to manage. Secure access to all your software information on our customer portal.

"Simplicity is
the ultimate sophistication"

Steve Jobs

"Today, great innovation means simplicity"

Ken Morse

7 seconds install

7 seconds install

It takes just 7 seconds for our 1-click setup to install our software management solution. And about 30 seconds for all your network if you are using a centralized deployment solution.

Incredible Light

Incredible light

The software agent that runs on the workstation is less than 1Mb. Your users will hardly notice it exists, but your business will see the difference.

Bank grade security

Bank grade security

Your information is stored and transferred with all the security measures that you would expect from banking transfers.

Always available

Always available

Your secure portal is hosted with Hurricane Electric data center in Gremont, San Francisco, California. Please, accept our 100% availability.

On-the-fly hardware information

On-the-fly software inventory

Expect real-time detailed information about all your software inventory. Out for a catch?

Easily manage multiple locations

Easily manage multiple locations

Your network is not looking anymore as a closed area. No matter from where your employees are working, you have control over software management. Even if working from home.

Auto Updating

Auto updating

Self-updating in a fast and secure way. Both the agent and your secure access portal. For a controlled software state of mind.

Adapts to yo

Adapts to you while mobile

Use it on your iPad, iPhone or any other mobile phone or tablet. Visualize your data or set your own rules while using our mobile friendly interface.

Easy, Easy, Easy

Easy, easy, easy

Easy to install, easy to access, easy to get all software information. No system or network administration needed.

Start manage your software today