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Q: What is Softsee and how does it work on my network?

A: Softsee represents an oriented software management solution designed for any type of business. It requires minimal administration and it simplifies your business activity, by managing all software application and giving you total control over your software activity.


Q: Are there yearly support or maintenance fees? What are the ongoing costs?

A: Our software solution is almost free of charge. With a minimal monthly fee and no support, maintenance or ongoing costs at all, you benefit from software management on a long term.


Q: Will Softsee slow the activity of the users ?

A: You and your employees will hardly notice the software management agent. It is developed to be a lighter, easier and more affordable software solution than others. Softsee works for any type of software application from your network.


Q: Will Softsee save me money?

A: Our software management solution will help you save money starting with the first month. Go to Pricing on the toolbar menu and find now how much can you save by calculating return of investment for your company.


Q: How do I purchase Softsee as soon as possible?

A: Go to the Pricing toolbar on the menu and purchase Softsee in confidence, in order to save money for your future business investments.

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